Chasing Perseids in Joshua Tree

Sometimes you just have to go for it. That‘s how I felt when my wife told me about an upcoming time-lapse workshop in Joshua Tree. It was the creative adventure I had been lusting for. And Joshua Tree is only two hours East of Los Angeles. The workshop started in four days. Just enough time to rent additional lenses and prep my gear.

I was ready to take my photography to the next level, learn new skills while spending a few days in nature. I had no expectations. I hoped to come home with a few great nighttime and landscape shots. Instead, I came back filled with gratitude and hours of time-lapse footage. The following sequences were captured near Geology Road, Skull Rock, and between Queen Valley and Ryan Mountain — somewhere deep in the park.

Astrophotography is a beautiful combination of art and science. It is a very solitude experience, yet you feel more connected and aware than ever. You connect with yourself and the universe. You are in tune with nature, detached from the urban jungle, away from the noise and daily routines. The night fills the silence, and you fill with inner peace and calmness. I enjoy the dark, quiet hours of the night. 

Since then I have gone on many trips to capture the night sky.
So many more trips and locations to explore. Where to go next?

First published on Exposure


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